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Health Care

Providing high-quality easy-to-understand information about health, food, nutrition, conditions and treatment.


Services for the management of private banks, offshore banks, and other financial institutions involved in loans and payments.

Web Designing

Website Design,Web Development,
E-commerce Solutions,Online Marketing,SEO Services,SEM Services

Mobile Apps

The best offshore mobile app development company, provides services for custom mobile applications development.


Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.

To carry on the business of Software designing, development, customizing, implementation, maintenance, testing, benchmarking, designing, developing and dealing in computer software and related activity for various sector including healthcare, education and Information technology sectors.

To carry on the business of designing, developing, exporting, importing, consultancy and training in all kinds of software, hardware, systems, programs, products, applications and services, for all purposes including but not limited to Business Process Outsource units, Knowledge Process Outsource units , Call centers, Data centers, Medical Transcription Centers and the like and to set up Research and Development Centers and train, educate in one or more of the above areas and to market the latest developments in national and international scenario and implement the same to economize and simplify the operations and to carry on the business of providing communication facilities either computer aided or telephone or any other mode in India or anywhere in world.

To carry on the business of providing and supplying of information technology solutions including turnkey solutions, end-to-end solutions, systems integration and development of software, computer hardware, peripherals, computer networking.


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Sumukha Upadhya

Sumukha Upadhya has over 6 years of experience in information technology serving clients and is a Embedded System Developer. Holds Bachelor of Engineering.

Subrahmanya Adiga

Subrahmanya Adiga has over 3 years of experience in information technology serving clients and is a Web Applications Developer. Holds Bachelor of Engineering.

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