ADHD in Girls: Why It’s Ignored, Why That’s Hazardous

ADHD in Girls: Why It’s Ignored, Why That’s Hazardous

Many girls with ADHD — many with inattentive symptoms — are now being drowned down by noisy, hyperactive guys whom show the condition’s stereotypical behavior. Discover ways to recognize the mistaken, misinterpreted outward indications of ADD in girls, and change this unjust unbalance for your child or yourself.

ADHD in Girls is oftentimes Missed

Twenty-year-old Andrea Burns fits the description of ADHD in girls perfectly. She had beenn’t officially clinically determined to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) until her freshman at Indiana University, even though she showed obvious signs of ADHD in middle school year.

An academic advisor had her undergo a LASSI (Learning and Studies Strategy Inventory) screening to evaluate learning behaviors and academic achievement after Burns nearly failed out of school. The outcomes indicated what she and her family members had long suspected: ADHD.

“In twelfth grade, I experienced a tutor to aid me personally with various topics, but as soon as i eventually got to university, I became likely to do so simply by myself. […]